REAL JOB DEVELOPMENT – This is where jobs are created without government interference. Sedgwick County needs a thriving economy with reliable resources, well-managed water, affordable homes, and healthy infrastructure to attract job creators. Jim Howell has been consistently named a pro-jobs Legislator. While he served in the Legislature, Kansas went from losing private sector jobs during the 'lost decade' to the creation of 66,200 private sector jobs since 2011. Real Job development depends on skilled laborers ready and able to support these businesses. I am a strong voice for technical training because skilled workers with real world experience are critical to our local economy. 


REDUCE BURDEN OF GOVERNMENT. The government does not have a revenue problem but has a spending problem.  The county government must push harder to find more ways to live within its means, find efficiencies, and protect the taxpayer from a greater burden of government. We must follow the lead of private enterprise and challenge ourselves to do more with less.


RIGHT PRIORITIES: We need to focus on core functions and do a better job managing and maintaining infrastructure. When the economy begins to thrive, we need leaders to stay focused and not fall for the temptation to just expand the role of government. Jim Howell helped deliver a solution to ever-expanding government growth with real property tax relief by sponsoring and passing the property tax transparency act. When valuations increase, the mil levy will now automatically decrease to create the same level revenue. Without this automatic adjustment, deceptive politicians take more of your dollars and claim that they did not raise your taxes.   


Jim Howell is the right guy for the job!


Principled Leadership - Using the U.S. Constitution, the Kansas Constitution, and the principles of responsibility, freedom, family values, and fiscal common sense, Jim Howell is principled, consistent, and fair. Using his efficiency education and practical experience in Six Sigma, Howell strives for efficiency and effectiveness in government as well. He sticks to core functions and promotes limited government. Howell has compassion for those that are disadvantaged and struggling in our community. He supports practical policies that address the causes as well as solutions. 


Responsible - Jim Howell gets the job done. He knows his job as a legislator is to pass a balanced budget. He is committed to living within the means of the resources available. When revenues increase due to a recovering economy, he will not just grow the government. Instead, he will return money to the taxpayer and/or service the debt or save some towards a rainy-day fund. As Vice-Chair of General Government Budget, Jim Howell demonstrated that he is not afraid to do the heavy lifting. He asks the right questions and understands the deeper issues affecting the state. Howell worked the entire session to develop the best budget possible and helped pass tax reform to keep as much money in the private sector as possible. Howell voted for the largest tax cut in the history of the state. Kansas had less than $800 in the checking account when Howell was sworn in to office. The state was projecting more than $500M shortfall in the upcoming fiscal year. Howell supported responsible spending cuts to force the state to live within its means. Additional cuts and tax reform has brought nearly $500 ending balance in the current fiscal year. That’s more $1 Billion change in state spending in just 3 short years.


Focused - Jim Howell is a very hard working legislator. He pours himself into the roles and responsibilities of his position. He is one that pays attention to detail. 


Effective - Jim Howell has several lifetime and many legislative successes. Howell has successfully worked to solve problems for his constituents while writing legislation, hosting visitors, testifying for and against bills in committees, articulated arguments on the House floor, and guided his bills to passage.  Howell helped to write and guide to full passage all of the pro-second amendment bills passed these last two years in the Legislature.  


Driver's License Office: Jim Howell worked hard to bring a new Driver’s License station to Derby. This is Kansas' first new Driver's License office in more than 30 years.  


JRBR: Jim Howell worked tirelessly to deliver sort-term funding and long-term solutions to Sedgwick County's Judge Riddel Boys Ranch near Lake Afton. Without Howell's work, the existing Sedgwick County Commission would have followed through in 2013 on their promise to shut down this essential resource for Sedgwick County.  In 2013 & 2014, Howell worked extremely hard to pass a policy bill to bring new, proper level funding to the State's 22 Youth Residential Juvenile Offender group homes. HB2588 successfully passed this year. This legislation establishes a new cost study and provides statewide standardized programming requirements & performance measures to ensure effectiveness and define best practices.  Howell continued to fight for Sedgwick County families by testifying several times during the 2014 legislative session, advocating for one more year of short-term funding to keep JRBR open and functional until the new higher-level funding from HB2588 is available.


Ballot Language Explainers: Jim Howell created and passed a solution to confusing ballot questions. The law now allows for an official explanation to be developed so that a voter may know what a 'yes' means and what a ;no means'. 


Dedicated - Jim Howell demonstrates responsibility because he has never missed a session day or a single vote in the Kansas State Legislature. Howell has never voted present even when facing difficult decisions. 


Experienced - Jim Howell has led on many state issues in the House. He builds consensus among conflict and strives to find workable solutions.  In the last four years in the state House, Howell cast over 1,300 recorded votes on bill amendments or bill final action. He has never voted 'present' and has never missed a single vote in four years.