I am running because I believe that Sedgwick County needs good leaders to make our county the premium place to live, raise a family, and grow a business. Certainly, County Government that provides services for the twenty-one communities and twenty-eight townships must manage the limited county resources very carefully.


Therefore, I believe that good government must be desired, necessary, transparent, accountable, legal, fair, and constitutional.  It should also include incentives to encourage employees and agencies to develop efficiency and effectiveness. All efforts should have benchmarks and measurable outcomes. Open and free communication without retribution must be available to all employees in the County. Professional respect should be mutual between all members of County government.  As your Sedgwick County Commissioner, I will continue to stand for and vote for these very principles of government, just as I have in these recent years as your state representative. As a former legislator I believe that I can uniquely work with both the state and county to reach common goals. I am excited to bridge a much needed gap between this county and our great state.


I look forward to working together, getting to know and understand your concerns and priorities for Sedgwick County. Working together with the other commissioners to provide needed services, coupled with these principles will continue to make our county the premium place to live!